The release of GMT 5

GMT 5 was released on Nov 5, 2013
Added by Paul almost 5 years ago

Today, we are pleased to announce two new releases of GMT:

  1. GMT 5.1.0 - The next generation of GMT
  2. GMT 4.5.11 - The latest stable GMT 4 version

At the same time, we have update the GSHHG geography data set to 2.2.4; this release adds missing lakes to California and apply a few other minor corrections.

The change, improvements, and enhancements in GMT 5 are much too numerous for this short announcement; see link to our article published in EOS Trans. AGU on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2013. For more details, please see the GMT5 overview. Please note that bug reports and feature requests should now be posted by opening a new issue and not via mass email to all GMT users.