GSHHG 2.3.0 released

An updated version of the GSHHG geography data has been released that contains a more accurate version of the Antarctica shoreline.
Added by Paul over 4 years ago

To use this new version, download the tarball, extract, and edit your ConfigUser.cmake file to specify the new directory containing the gshhg files, then make install again.


Added by Bramha dutt over 4 years ago

Hello all,

I have downloaded GSHHS latest version and installed by building it in cygwin along with GMT5. when i run pscoast it says that the GSHHS package is not installed.

I am a beginner and hope you can solve this issue.

psxy is working fine.
the coastline is giving problems.

Thank you

Added by Bramha dutt over 4 years ago

The exact error is:

pscoast: GSHSG version 2.2.0 or newer is needed to use coastline with GMT. get and install GSHHG from
pscoast: intermediate resolution shoreline data base not installed
pscoast: no databases available - aborts

Thank you for your help.