GMT/MATLAB API beta release

Added by Paul over 2 years ago

The GMT/MATLAB API an interface from MATLAB (or Octave) to GMT5 that allows users to run any GMT5 module from within MATLAB and exchange data. If you use both MATLAB and GMT we would like to you install the API and give it a try. As a simple example:

load mydata.txt     % Load in a lon,lat,depth file
B = gmt ('blockmedian -R0/30/0/30 -I2m -fg', mydata); % Eliminate influence of outliers
G = gmt ('surface -R -I2m -T0.2', B); % Grid using surface splines in tension
gmt (‘grdcontour -JM6i -P -Baf -C100 -A500 >’, G);    % Make a GMT contour map
contour (G.x, G.y, G.z); %     Make a Matlab contour map

he API requires GMT 5.2.1 or higher. Most options in GMT work as on the regular UNIX command line, or will soon. Also, most of the 45 GMT5 examples have been ported to corresponding MATLAB scripts to get you started. Please use the Issues tracker on the wiki to report any problems with installations or usage of the API so that we can fix any remaining problems.


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