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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1219FeatureNewNormalImprovements to greenspline2018-03-16 10:11
1216BugIn ProgressNormalgrdmask incorrect selection of nodes inside the polygon2018-03-16 13:51
1215BugResolvedNormalgmt select -G option ignores -fg flagPaul2018-03-16 14:17
1213FeatureFeedbackNormalNew modes of text rendering2018-03-16 14:25
1212FeatureFeedbackNormalAdd diurnal correction to mgd77list -Am2018-03-12 21:34
1209BugResolvedNormalgrdimage: -Q is faulty with -tPaul2018-03-09 20:09
1206BugResolvedNormalgmt text without options not working in modern modePaul2018-03-03 10:08
1205BugResolvedNormalpsscale -DjBC+m and -DjMR+m doesn't move text to the opposite sidePaul2018-03-04 13:08
1203BugIn ProgressNormalgrdcontour v4 vs v5 differencesPaul2018-02-25 21:45
1182FeatureNewNormalgmt unset: change GMT parameters to their default values2018-01-16 10:57
1170FeatureIn ProgressNormalAdd a MAP_ANNOT_ANGLE2017-12-25 08:49
1158BugNewNormalgrdcontour2017-10-15 16:36
1155BugIn ProgressNormalpssolar: problem with filling of terminatorsPaul2018-01-09 10:37
1153BugNewNormalIGRF calculation different in sniffer than in mgd77list/mgd77magref2017-11-12 13:16
1146FeatureNewNormalLet grdlandmask accept -J for projected landmask gridsPaul2017-08-26 10:06
1144FeatureIn ProgressNormalGain access to information currently printed to stderrPaul2017-08-16 17:59
1134FeatureFeedbackNormalStreamlines in GMT2017-10-15 16:34
1089BugIn ProgressNormalgmtselect considers no region interior of a polygon with meridional sides onlyPaul2017-05-03 20:42
1078BugFeedbackNormalBug in gmt_nc.c for grids using 64-bit addressing2017-04-18 08:47
1045BugIn ProgressNormalProblems combining MAP_ANNOT_OBLIQUE=30 and MAP_FRAME_TYPE=inside2017-10-05 11:02
1036BugFeedbackNormalGRDTRACK (and related GDAL issue)2017-04-08 21:46
1025BugFeedbackNormalx2sys_datalist -F<var> crashes2017-01-15 13:01
1021BugNewNormalx2sys_get -L+ gets too many candidates2017-01-09 12:50
1019BugIn ProgressNormalgrdlandmask produces erroneous results for global file at highest resolutionPaul2017-03-20 17:25
998FeatureFeedbackLowPostscript filling patterns2016-11-12 15:22

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