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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
1153BugNewNormalIGRF calculation different in sniffer than in mgd77list/mgd77magref2017-09-21 15:43
1152FeatureNewLowAdd dat shortcut flag to mgd77list -F2017-09-20 14:47
1151BugFeedbackNormalmgd77header outputs the wrong survey departure and arrival dates 2017-09-19 18:30
1150BugNewNormalPossible bug in gmtconvert2017-09-12 16:42
1146FeatureNewNormalLet grdlandmask accept -J for projected landmask gridsPaul2017-08-26 10:06
1144FeatureIn ProgressNormalGain access to information currently printed to stderrPaul2017-08-16 17:59
1141FeatureNewNormalgrdcontour -T: add option to tick mark all closed contours2017-08-03 03:37
1140BugFeedbackNormalgrdimage using orthographic does not render full dataset2017-08-15 11:39
1136FeatureNewNormalgrdcontour -Q: specify length instead of number of points2017-07-26 23:27
1135BugResolvedNormalgrdcontour's new -LpPnN optionsPaul2017-07-26 20:56
1134FeatureFeedbackHighStreamlines in GMT2017-07-26 20:58
1126BugNewNormalTransparency does not work as it should in grdcontour2017-07-02 00:29
1125BugIn ProgressNormalgmtcontour does'nt respect font color which set by -A+fPaul2017-07-12 03:51
1123FeatureResolvedNormalBounding box polygon with gmtinfoPaul2017-07-02 01:35
1108FeatureResolvedLowa proposal for GMT F77 InterfacePaul2017-06-08 19:52
1100FeatureResolvedNormalkml2gmt -Fp should determine if polygons are holes or perimetersPaul2017-06-11 15:41
1089BugIn ProgressNormalgmtselect considers no region interior of a polygon with meridional sides onlyPaul2017-05-03 20:42
1083FeatureFeedbackLowAdd -W (of psscale) to X, Y, Z axis annotations.2017-04-24 12:01
1078BugFeedbackNormalBug in gmt_nc.c for grids using 64-bit addressing2017-04-18 08:47
1045BugIn ProgressNormalProblems combining MAP_ANNOT_OBLIQUE=30 and MAP_FRAME_TYPE=inside2017-03-11 01:11
1040FeatureNewNormalAdd Graphic Scale in JX projection2017-02-09 17:54
1036BugFeedbackNormalGRDTRACK (and related GDAL issue)2017-04-08 21:46
1025BugFeedbackNormalx2sys_datalist -F<var> crashes2017-01-15 13:01
1021BugNewNormalx2sys_get -L+ gets too many candidates2017-01-09 12:50
1019BugIn ProgressNormalgrdlandmask produces erroneous results for global file at highest resolutionPaul2017-03-20 17:25

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