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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
667BugIn ProgressNormal-JG/g projection (General Perspective)Paul2015-11-06 16:31
660FeatureNewLowgrdimage to produce 3D-anaglyphsRemko2015-01-07 09:08
656FeatureIn ProgressNormalImproved model specification for trend1d, trend2d, grdtrendPaul2015-11-28 14:29
641BugFeedbackNormalFindGLIB.cmake missing in cmake/modules2014-11-13 17:16
640FeatureFeedbackNormalSupporting Date/Time as Range of makecptRemko2014-11-13 16:44
634BugFeedbackNormalsupplements libFlorian2014-10-26 12:06
624BugFeedbackNormalAllow OGR comments to pass through to outputPaul2015-01-12 11:27
612SupportNewLowForum notification email formattingFlorian2014-09-09 17:42
602BugNewNormalAdd documentation on how to build a custom shared GMT-compabitle libraryPaul2017-02-17 03:31
588BugIn ProgressNormalgmt2kml (GMT5) can no longer read binary filesPaul2014-07-17 01:59
582BugFeedbackNormalblockmedian -h1 yields unexpected result, and CSV in but tabs separated out2014-06-26 18:29
522FeatureNewLowBetter check for time axes that chosen -B interval is compatible with chosen DATE|CLOCK formats2014-02-23 10:50
519BugFeedbackNormalThe behavior of -i and -o2014-02-23 09:35
518BugIn ProgressNormalbug in gmtmathPaul2017-05-23 03:42
503BugIn ProgressNormalClipping at map borders goes back and forth2015-01-10 13:33
495FeatureFeedbackNormalgrdfft - Inverse FourierPaul2014-01-27 07:18
492FeatureFeedbackLowDynamic editing within blockmeanRemko2014-02-19 06:58
490BugIn ProgressNormalMissing gmt5/trunk/build/doc/rst/_source/_images/GMT_coverlogo.pdfFlorian2014-09-22 12:49
471BugFeedbackNormalproject option #3 not working correctlyMark2013-12-29 10:06
464FeatureFeedbackNormalgmtspatial -Si|j|u2013-12-27 02:02
463FeatureFeedbackNormalsupporting of irregular grid file in grdimage2013-12-28 17:01
441FeatureFeedbackNormalgrdpaste should paste grids with non-matching scale/offset2013-11-17 10:41
440FeatureFeedbackNormalgrdhisteq should handle multiple grids2013-11-17 10:26
436BugNewLowTiny gap between vector line and headPaul2013-11-08 18:31
430FeatureNewLowGott-Mugnolo equal-area elliptical and Gott-Mugnolo azimuthal projections2013-11-06 12:36

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