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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
440FeatureFeedbackNormalgrdhisteq should handle multiple grids2013-11-17 10:26
436BugNewLowTiny gap between vector line and headPaul2013-11-08 18:31
430FeatureNewLowGott-Mugnolo equal-area elliptical and Gott-Mugnolo azimuthal projections2013-11-06 12:36
425FeatureFeedbackNormalpsmeca options2013-12-26 13:35
423FeatureFeedbackNormalLet PS_IMAGE_COMPRESS default to DEFLATE if ZLIB available2013-11-09 11:09
419FeatureFeedbackLowAdd a search radius to greenspline2013-11-05 15:28
415FeatureNewNormaloption -f with string2013-10-18 05:51
399FeatureNewNormalAnnotations outside, ticks inside2016-06-14 00:34
388FeatureFeedbackNormalgmtswitch modification2013-10-07 23:12
379FeatureFeedbackNormalLeap seconds2013-11-07 07:19
377FeatureFeedbackNormalDocument date operations2013-11-07 07:19
358FeatureNewNormalFormal statistics of estimated params in trend1d2013-11-07 07:19
356FeatureNewLow3D pie wedge in psxyz2013-11-07 07:19
349FeatureNewNormalpsscale should be able to accept either map coordinates or plot coordinates for the anchor pointPaul2014-02-09 17:17
347BugIn ProgressNormalpsclip draws lines through numbers labeling contours in PS files for some viewers2014-06-01 15:38
342FeatureFeedbackNormaladd a gmt ommand like "cptinfo"2014-06-21 17:44
338FeatureNewNormalmore options in MAP:ANNOT_ORTHO2013-07-04 09:35
325BugNewNormal-Bpxc<primary_file> -Bsxc<secondary_file> ignores second -B2013-11-07 07:18
322BugNewNormal-BZ writes ticks, annotations and labels inside box for Z axes 2 and 32013-11-07 07:18
305FeatureNewNormalOblique maps UTM/cartesian coordinates (-Jx)2013-06-06 01:39
304BugNewNormal-Xc -Yc doesn't work with -pz (the plot isn't centered)2013-11-07 07:18
290FeatureIn ProgressNormalpshistogram should also permit not to store all the input data in memory2013-11-07 07:19
276FeatureNewLowgrdblend should operation on complete grids instead of rows2013-06-03 14:52
254FeatureNewNormalGDAL driver imports gridline registered instead of pixel registered2013-05-02 02:35
248FeatureNewNormalFFTW need capability to reuse plan2013-11-07 07:19

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