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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
290FeatureIn ProgressNormalpshistogram should also permit not to store all the input data in memory2013-11-07 07:19
276FeatureNewLowgrdblend should operation on complete grids instead of rows2013-06-03 14:52
254FeatureNewNormalGDAL driver imports gridline registered instead of pixel registered2013-05-02 02:35
248FeatureNewNormalFFTW need capability to reuse plan2013-11-07 07:19
242FeatureNewLowcustom annotation at command line2013-04-18 02:13
216FeatureNewNormalAnnotation in 'spherical' projections2013-02-13 13:10
213FeatureNewNormalexplain in gmt manpage -R when Oblique Mercator projection is used2013-11-07 07:19
207FeatureIn ProgressNormalIn pstext allow the use of -Cdx/dy to set clearance between text and line when -Ddistv[pen]2014-02-08 17:44
193FeatureNewNormalPhase shift for time-axis annotations2013-01-07 12:17
182FeatureFeedbackLowUse pstext to place text on x-z or y-z planesRemko2014-09-28 22:21
170FeatureFeedbackLowpstext: ability to rotate the text string around X and Y axes when making a plot with a perspective view.Remko2014-09-28 22:21
166FeatureFeedbackNormalpstext -D[j|J]dx[/dy][v[pen]] read from data file2012-10-25 04:37
151FeatureNewNormalRemove unnecessary padding code from gmt_ncFlorian2012-09-26 05:36
133FeatureFeedbackNormalsurface fails on prime grid dimensions2013-06-03 14:19
131BugNewNormal-p perspective doesn't appear to locate correctly when using +wRemko2015-11-05 01:59
124FeatureFeedbackNormalminmax -Af does not handle varying number of fields between each file2013-06-03 14:24
116FeatureNewNormalGDAL logic in GMT_grd_get_format() fails if scale/offset/invalid given2012-09-26 05:13
87FeatureNewNormalExtension for manipulating, reading, and writing custom header variables in netCDF grid files and for writing table data to netCDF2012-05-24 05:18
80FeatureIn ProgressNormalGMT requests xmax>xmin and ymax>ymin in option -Rxmin/xmax/ymin/ymax2013-06-03 14:17
74FeatureIn ProgressNormalGeneralized splitxyz [Was: Manpage of splitxyz explains deprecated -M]2015-10-09 19:41
55FeatureNewNormalSupport for long options via getopt_long2012-03-30 11:48
35FeatureNewNormalpsbasemap and individual phase support2012-03-07 08:21
27BugIn ProgressNormalCPack does not copy OpenMP DLLs on Windows2016-03-27 09:37
18FeatureFeedbackNormalGuess the location of the share directory on Windows based on the location of the executableFlorian2013-11-07 07:19

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