GMT 5.4.2 Released June 25, 2017

Added by Paul 5 months ago

We have updated our release to address bugs reported and fixed since the 5.4.1 release. It is a recommended update for all GMT users.

Talk at Scipy2017 about the GMT Python interface

Added by Leonardo 6 months ago

We have started the initial design of the Python wrappers and will be giving a talk about it at Scipy2017 in July (

The code will be hosted in the Github repository:

Here are a few blog posts about the design, the talk proposal, and the open peer-reviews of the proposal:

Many thanks to the volunteer reviewers and conference organizers.

GMT 5.4.1 released May 9, 2017

Added by Paul 6 months ago

Due to a minor technical glitch affecting OS X under fink and users without GDAL installed we have released 5.4.1; no new features were added.

GMT 5.4.0 released May 8, 2017

Added by Paul 6 months ago

GMT 5.4.0 offers numerous bug fixes and general improvements across the board; see for details. Of particular interest is the introduction of a GMT data cache where files downloaded form the internet are stored. Global relief grids named earth_relief_??m|s.grd can be accessed on the command line and will be downloaded form the GMT Server if not already in your cache. Resolutions range from 15 arc seconds to 60 arc minute grids. Input files specified by a full URL will be downloaded to the user's cache directory. A new model for ternary plots as well as custom symbol for structural geology has been added as well.

GMT 5.3.3 released Mar. 23, 2017

Added by Paul 8 months ago

We have released GMT 5.3.3, which addresses a number of bug fixes since the 5.3.2 release [see Issues page]. No new features have been added.

GMT 5.3.2 released Feb. 25, 2017

Added by Paul 9 months ago

We have released GMT 5.3.2, which addresses a number of bug fixes since the 5.3.1 release [see Issues page]. No new features have been added.

One-Day GMT Workshop at GSA Cordilleran Meeting

Added by Paul 10 months ago

Paul Wessel will give a one-day introduction to GMT 5 at the GSA Cordilleran Meeting in Honolulu, May 23-25, 2017. The workshop takes place the day before the meeting, i.e., May 22. See the GSA Meeting page for details.

GMT 5.3.1 released Oct. 21, 2016

Added by Paul about 1 year ago

We have moved to a new 5.3.x series with almost 100 new features, again a combination of new programs, options, and broad enhancements to the modules as well as the API. GMT users should read CookBook section 5 for the details.

Beta-release of GMT/MATLAB API

Added by Paul almost 2 years ago

The GMT/MATLAB API an interface from MATLAB (or Octave) to GMT5 that allows users to run any GMT5 module from within MATLAB and exchange data. If you use both MATLAB and GMT we would like to you install the API and give it a try; see the GMT/MATLAB Wiki for details.

GMT 5.2.1 released Nov. 12, 2015

Added by Paul about 2 years ago

While the GMT 5.1-series has seen bug-fixes since its release, new features were
only added to the 5.2-series. All in all, almost 200 new features (a combination
of new programs, new options, and broad enhancements) have been implemented.
Here is a summary of these changes in six key areas:

  1. New modules
  2. New common options
  3. New default parameters
  4. Updated common options
  5. General improvements
  6. Program-specific improvements

Please see the CookBook section 5 for all the details.

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