GMTSAR v5.6 is available to download via Macports

Added by Xiaohua over 1 year ago

The latest stable release of GMTSAR, v5.6, has been added as a downloadable port in Macports by John DeSanto. This version may be easily installed with a single command from the terminal window by any Apple OS-X users. This command will also automatically install the latest stable version of GMT, v5.4.4, as a dependency. Detailed instructions may be found on the GMTSAR wiki page.

Recipe for Sentinel-1 Time Series

Added by David almost 2 years ago

A number of user have developed a recipe to construct a Sentinel-1 time series. This includes instructions on how to find, and download SAR and orbital data as well as how to align images, construct interferograms, and run SBAS. The recipe is at:

Support for ERS-1/2 and Envisat SLC

Added by David about 3 years ago

Anders Hogrelius has writtent the pre-processing module for the ERS-1/2 and Envisat SLC formats provided by ESA.

Please use the instructions under Wiki to install the branch V5.3 of GMT5SAR.a There is a sample Envisat SLC data at The README explains how to setup and run these examples.


The GMT5SAR Team

Sentinel-1A TOPS processing in GMTSAR

Added by Paul over 4 years ago

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of GMT5SAR has the capability for processing Sentinel-1A TOPS mode data. The co-registration of the SLC’s is done using the precise orbital information.

Please use the instructions under Wiki to install the branch V5.1 of GMT5SAR. Note that the boost library is not needed anymore. If you are on a LINUX computer be sure to install FFTW prior to installing GMT5.

There are two sample TOPS data sets at The README’s explain how to setup and run these examples. We have only tested the code on about 10 pairs so please send feedback so we can fix bugs and make refinements.


The GMT5SAR Team

GMT5SAR wiki online

Added by Paul almost 6 years ago

Eventually, this wiki will be populated with more background and support information for developers to successfully deal with subversion, versioning, branches, etc etc.


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